About us

Our extraordinary business model ensures that you are never going to make a payment more than you should. We ensure you that your products are always going to be of first class quality by not forgetting on-time deliveries. We have the best prices and conditions for your needs.

Who is using our products?

Back Pains Relief

This medical product has a comfortable low profile, which is designed to treat chronic and acute low back pain. Breathable mesh fabric adds which makes it comfortable for long‑term wear.

Back Bracing

The back bracing offers a unique pain relief system which incorporates the most important elements required to improve the performance. This product provides effective low back pain relief for the patients that are active.

Wrist Product

The wist bracing is the ideal product for patients who suffers from the wrist injury. It is designed in that way, which allows for either right or left wrist application. It also has the easy closure system which is making it easy to don and doff. To have a secure fit, the aluminum frame can be easily customized to the patient’s forearm, wrist and hand.

Full Body Protection

The full back protection product is a very lightweight and also adjustable brace which is designed to address the problems associated with poor posture. This product will actively influence the patient’s posture, and the brace will provide a gentle support and is activating postural stabilizing muscles.